About Us

We are Filipino nurses based in the United Kingdom aiming to build a stronger Filipino Nursing Community within the UK.


We aim to unite all the Filipino nurses in the UK and inspire others to achieve their career goals. We have an active social media community to provide support network, share information and foster communication amongst Filipino nurses whether you are an aspiring applicant or an adept UK registered nurse. 


We aim to support our members with tools and resources to help them thrive in this environment. We will guide you through your journey to become a UK RN and show you a glimpse of life in the UK as an overseas nurse. 


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We aim to build a community where you'll feel this is your home away from home. We will provide you curated information about places, events and opportunities that will make you feel supported and included. 

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We love to hear your ideas and how we can help. We're excited to work with content contributors, aspiring writers, service providers and advertisers. 

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