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Aspire RN offers the most comprehensive NCLEX course using an effective formula the "DrNursePaul Method” that has consistently produced 98% PASS Rate. DrNursePaul is an NCLEX educator for more than 15 years, now residing in the US and conducting classes virtually. Follow @drnursepaul.

Here's why enrolling in the DNP Method could be your key to NCLEX success:
1. Expertise You Can Trust: As a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I have helped thousands of internationally educated nurses pass the NCLEX-RN worldwide.
2. Three Phases of Mastery: The DNP Method is structured into three distinct phases - Didactic, Neural, and Precision - each aimed at enhancing your understanding and test-taking skills progressively.
3. Personalized Learning: We understand that each student is unique, which is why the DNP Method offers personalized mentorships and guidance tailored to your individual needs.
4. Unlimited Access: Repetition is key to learning, and with unlimited access to materials and resources, you can study at your own pace and reinforce your understanding.
5. Interactive Live Sessions: Our course includes 42 live sessions, ensuring dynamic and engaging learning experiences to keep you motivated and focused.
6. Pass Guarantee: We are so confident in the effectiveness of the DNP Method that we offer a 100% pass guarantee, highlighting our commitment to your success.

We offer three course options to suit your needs:
1. DNP FULL COURSE: The most popular choice, providing a comprehensive study plan with one year of access.
2. DNP RAPID COURSE: Perfect for those looking for a quicker preparation period with live classes and test banks.
3. DNP CRASH COURSE: Ideal for a focused study approach with access to HIT classes in the Precision phase. Enrolling in the DNP Method is not just an investment in a course - it's an investment in your future as a successful RN. Let me guide you through this transformative learning journey and help you achieve your dream of passing the NCLEX with flying colors.

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Dr. Paul Biluan APRN, FNP-C

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