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Who we are..

Filipino UK Nurses Community started as a passion project. 

But blossomed and grew into something beyond what we are initially envisioning it to be. What began as a simple idea has now evolved into a thriving community--that has supported and helped the lives of many.

Our team is composed mainly of Nurses who are still active in their professions. With over 50 years of collective experience across the public, private and non conventional sectors for nurses in the UK, the team is well positioned to provide assistance and guidance for our Filipino Nurses here in the UK. The team prides itself as being progressive as we tackle not just the conventional and traditional challenges of our community but we are open to take on modern and ever-evolving issues in our field.


Filipino UK Nurses Community & Manong George media platforms are owned and managed by James Court Creative Solutions.




Collaboration is at the heart of our community. We actively seek and value diverse perspectives, working together seamlessly to achieve collective goals and drive positive change.


Compassion is the cornerstone of our care. We approach our work with empathy, kindness, and a genuine concern for the well-being of our community members.

cultural heritage

We take pride in our Filipino heritage, promoting cultural awareness and understanding. 


We celebrate and respect the diversity within our community, fostering an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and heard.


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