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Filipino UK Nurses x Bloom Money
Tara! Let's achieve your financial goals this 2024- together.
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G ka? Join ka? Tara?
Update: Thank you to all those who have applied. We have received an overwhelming number of respondents. Application is now closed. You can still create your own circle through Bloom Money and avail the Zero fee transaction for January 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a paluwagan?

    • It's our own version of Money Circle. According to Filipino Business Hub, a paluwagan is a traditional Filipino savings system that has been integral to the Philippine culture for generations. The term Paluwagan is derived from the Filipino word “luwag”, which means “to loosen” or “to free up”. When translated into English, Paluwagan can be understood as a “rotational or cooperative savings system". Watch this video to see what a paluwagan on the Bloom Money app looks like!​

  • How many members in each circle and how many circles are there?

    • We will have 3 circles, each with 6 members each. Each circle will be led and facilitated by one of the admins of Filipino UK Nurses community. Depending on the success and feedback, we may add few more circles.

  • How are members chosen for a circle?

    • All who will apply will go through a strict vetting process from verification of identification and documents and interview. We need to ensure that all who will be joining has the capability and willingness to pay the monthly paluwagan share.​ We may also consider the timing or who came in first especially if we receive lots of applications.

  • When will the paluwagan start and end?

    • The 1st cycle of paluwagan will start this January 31 and end on June 30 2024. 

  • When will I expect to know if I'm part of the circle?

    • We will contact those who are included in the next 2 weeks. We will start with the paluwagan cycle on Jan 31 2024.

  • How much is the monthly contribution?

    • We've set the monthly contribution to be £100 for 6 months. This means that a member will receive £600 on their assigned month (including their share). Normally, Bloom Money charges a 4% fee, this fee has been waived for us for this 6 month cycle. 

  • Who will keep the money? and facilitate transfer?

    • We will be using Bloom Money. They will be verifying the identification of each of the members and facilitating collection of money. With strong in-app security measures, it’s safer, faster, and easier to manage money, make contributions, and ensure pay-ins and payouts are received on time. More information about Bloom Money can be found on their website and FAQ support page.

  • Will my data be shared with others in the group?

    • No, your bank details will only be kept and verified by Bloom Money. Manong George team will do their separate vetting process and may involve verifying few personal details to minimise risk of failed payments/missed paluwagan contribution. 

    • Your name and contact number will only be shared  to your circle. A whatsapp group will be created for each circle.

  • What if i want to leave the circle in the middle of the cycle?

    • We hope everyone can stay for the whole cycle. But if you need to leave, your remaining balance will need to be cleared. Should this be the case, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

  • Can I form my own circle?

    • Yes, definitely! Just download the Bloom Money app, create a circle and invite your friends. The Bloom Money app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. Don't forget to use code PINOY for a fee free 1st month. Offer is until 31st January 2024.

For any more questions or information, feel free to contact us via, or the Bloom Money team via email at or use the chat feature on their website.

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