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Bloom Money

Bloom Money is a UK-based FinTech start-up serving immigrant and diaspora communities. Founded in 2021, Bloom Money is on a mission to give immigrant communities the tools they need to build financial resilience and generational wealth. Bloom Money's product, Bloom Circles, is a digital version of paluwagan. It's easy to create a paluwagan in the app to match your needs: you can choose how many people (up to 10), how much to contribute (up to £300 each pay in), and how often to contribute (e.g., weekly, monthly).

Because it's all done in a safe, easy-to-use app, it's like managing your paluwagan from your pocket. This means you can start a paluwagan and take part with your colleagues on the ward or even with your friends and family across the UK.

Importantly, Bloom Money is a regulated entity, operating as a distributor of an e-money institution which means that the funds of customers are safeguarded by their partner institution. This also means that Bloom is held to the highest standards when it comes to anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and fraud and transaction monitoring.

Bloom Money



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Bloom Money

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