A Nurse's Journey: Nursing Home to NHS

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Being a nurse offers a plethora of avenues to practise. You can choose which area, what specialty, what age group you want to look after and a whole range of choices of workplace. Whether it's for the NHS, private sector, or care homes, nurses are always in demand. But how do you weigh which one is the best for you?

Meet Francis, a NHS nurse who previously worked in a Care Home facility. He arrived in the UK in September 2019 and started to work in a Nursing Home in Birmingham as a Pre-Registered Nurse (Pre-OSCE Position). Two months later, he passed the OSCE and successfully secured his pin to be a UK RN. He continued to pursue his job and passionately cared for patients but he felt he can be more and he can achieve more.

He soon realised that for him to accomplish his dreams, he had to work in the NHS. "It was always my dream to work in an acute care setting fulltime in a teaching hospital. Also, I am aware that NHS Trusts offer a lot of training and career opportunities. I want to grab those opportunities and maximise it."