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Remembering our Fallen Filipino Health workers

Updated: May 28, 2020

We would like to pay tribute and say our utmost thanks to our fallen Comrades, our fellow Filipinos who have worked in the Health care sector-- doctors, dentists, nurses, porters, domestic and key workers working in the NHS and Private health care sector.

We may have lost them, but their stories should not be forgotten.

Let's not forget that they were our Nanay, Tatay, Tito, Tita, Ate, Kuya and Anak.

Let's not forget that they were also our Kaibigan, Kapamilya and Kababayan.

Let's not forget that they too have fought this battle with us.

Let's Remember and pray for their souls. May they Rest in Peace.

The families of a number of our fallen heroes need financial support to cover for the funeral costs, repatriation and other needs. CLICK link to be directed to their Go Fund me pages.

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a bit teary while staring with these picture of our modern heroes

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