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Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Film Launch: ‘The Journey of an Internationally Educated Nurse’

As the number of internationally educated nursing staff (IENs) coming to the UK continues to rise, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) continues to recognise the enormous contribution IENs make to health and social care, and the particular challenges they face before and while they are working in the UK.

As a trade union, the Royal College of Nursing is committed to supporting IENs in their transition to living and working in the UK. A trade union is an organisation of workers formed to protect and improve their working conditions. Trade unions negotiate fair pay, and decent working conditions and provide representation to support their members, ensuring fair treatment by employers.

Throughout 2023, the RCN has conducted several interviews, developed into short films with IENs to gain a deeper insight into their journey to, and life in the UK.

The RCN will be launching these uplifting short films during a live, virtual event on 31 October, 6-7 pm (UK Time), which will showcase detailed first-hand accounts from IENs on their experience of moving to the UK, having been educated overseas.

The short films highlight the challenges that came with moving and how many of them were met with solutions from RCN membership. These films bring to light fascinating stories surrounding challenges with visas, contracts, examinations, relocation, understanding the UK health system and NMC, language barriers, and adjusting socially to life in the UK.

We hope these stories of lived experience will provide a deeper understanding of the IEN experience to a wider audience. Join the live, virtual event and get a front-row seat to this short film series.

You’ll be joined by three IEN film contributors, including Kathrina who originates from the Philippines, who will be on hand to answer any questions you have during a live Q&A. The event will be hosted by Nicola Ranger (RCN Chief Nurse) and Nichola Ashby (Deputy Director of Nursing).

We would also like to thank all our IEN members who appeared in the film. For more information on this event and for joining details:

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