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Ultimate Guide for Filipino Nurses who wants to become a UKRN

Are you dreaming of working and moving to the UK as a Nurse? Are you not sure where to start and how to start? You day dream of the Big Ben or Stonehenge, or maybe think of meeting the Queen or Prince William... but more questions come to mind. How do I spot fake jobs? Is my CV updated for the UK? How do I prepare for my interview? How do bring my family to the UK? Find below our collection of articles that would guide you as you start your journey in becoming a UKRN.

Assess first if you want to go to the UK. With the growing demand of nurses worldwide, Filipino nurses are in a very good position to choose where to work.

Read our article about nurses and understand their reasons why wanted to stay here in the UK.

If you’re decided that you want to give a UK a try, start the application process now. It is not a straightforward process as before but it's relatively easy. Read our guide to becoming a UKRN for a more detailed information on how to become a UKRN.

Wait there's more--- we have also featured other articles about the 2 crucial tests you will encounter in this UK journey.

One of the biggest difficulties our international nurses face is the English test. Which is better- OET or IELTS? We have asked IELTS Medical, a leading training provider in the UK, the difference between the two and asked some practical tips on how to ace any of these two tests.

OSCE is the final hurdle before you can become a UKRN. Unfortunately, not all pass this test first time. What happens if you fail this test? In this article, we share the possible consequences of failing the test and give you insights and tips too on how to pass this final test.

Now that we have covered the tests, how about my CV and the job interview?

When did you last update your CV? Maybe, it’s time to modernise your CV. Gone are the days where you treat your CV as your biodata. Your CV should also reflect on how good you are as a nurse. We have asked a UK Recruiter for some thoughts on how to modernise your CV and make it relevant to the UK market.

Where do you send your CV?

Are your receiving UK job offers from unknown people and companies? Sadly, scams are prevalent nowadays- not only for nurses but for other professions and jobs. We have created a guide on how to know if the job offer received is legitimate or a possible scam.

Job interviews can be nerve wrecking. We have prepared job tips on how to pass your interview. Key in passing the interview is to make necessary preparations. Make sure to read this to get some tips – from questions to be asked to questions to ask.

You have passed your English test and interview-- now it's time to fly & fulfil your dreams of becoming a UK Nurse.

UK can be both an exciting and daunting place for new nurses. It’s understandable. You are moving to a foreign country- possibly with no family and friends around.

In this article, we share 10 things to do on your 1st week in the UK.

Oh wait- do you want to bring your family with you? Good news - it's possible to bring your partner/spouse and children with you.

Before bringing them with you, it's wise to know the costs associated with bringing your dependents, it's wise to know the cost associated with bringing your dependents to the UK.

Read this -- remember, preparation is the key!

Becoming a nurse in the UK has its challenges. Understanding the process of becoming a UKRN, knowing the nuances of what you need to do from the start and starting your journey with the right information of how to

bring your family to the UK should definitely help you achieve your dream.

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