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Mobile Nurse- Intravenous Vitamin Drip Specialist

Location:     London- Battersea
Job type:     Part Time
Salary:         £25/ hour + commission

Company:     Get a Drip Battersea
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We are seeking a highly skilled and compassionate Mobile Nurse specialized in administering Intravenous (IV) vitamin drips to join our healthcare team in London. As a Mobile Nurse, you will play a crucial role in delivering Intravenous vitamin drips and intramuscular vitamin boosters injections directly to our patients, homes and offices.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Intravenous Vitamin Drip Administration: Proficiently administer intravenous vitamin drips to patients based on prescribed treatments and individual needs.

  • Patient Assessment: Conduct thorough patient assessments, including medical history review, vital signs monitoring, and assessment of intravenous access points.

  • Treatment Planning: Collaborate with healthcare providers to develop individualized treatment plans for patients, ensuring accurate dosage and administration of IV vitamin drips.

  • Monitoring and Support: Monitor patients during and after IV therapy, ensuring their safety and comfort. Provide education and emotional support to patients and their families.

  • Documentation: Maintain accurate and detailed patient records, documenting IV therapy administration, patient responses, and any adverse reactions.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and protocols. 

  • Infection Control: Adhere to strict infection control practices, ensuring a sterile environment and minimizing the risk of infections associated with IV therapy.

  • Equipment Management: Safely handle and maintain IV equipment, ensuring proper maintenance, and disposal of materials. 

  • Communication: Maintain clear and effective communication with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals involved in the patient care.

  • Provide education and instructions to patients regarding post-IV therapy care.


  • Registered Nurse: Must be a registered nurse in the UK, with a valid and current NMC registration.

  • Clinical Skills: Excellent and highly skilled IV cannulation and phlebotomy. 

  • Strong clinical skills, with the ability to assess patients conditions accurately and administer intravenous therapies safely.

  • Compassion: Compassionate and empathetic attitude towards patients, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Adaptability: Ability to work independently and travel to clients within London, maintaining flexibility in scheduling to accommodate clients needs.

  • Driving not essential but desirable.

  • Professionalism: Maintains a professional appearance and demeanour, ensuring client confidentiality and trust at all times.

  • Team Player: Ability to collaborate effectively with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

  • Time Management: Excellent time management skills, ensuring punctuality and efficiency in service delivery.

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