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We are Nurses. We care for our patients as much as we care for our loved ones. We know that every little thing we do can affect our patients. We give the best care possible. Our craft requires commitment, passion & skills.


We are Nurses. 

We are proud.

Gandang Nurse

A nurse's smile can appease a patient.

A nurse's touch can shy away the troubles of a worried parent. 

Nurses exude a different kind of beauty.

A beauty that shines through the hardest of times.  





Beep! Beep! Jeep

A jeep is a part of every Filipino's life back in the Philippines.  Its a rocking and rolling vehicle filled with proud history. Show your Filipino pride by wearing a Beep Beep Jeep T-shirt.

As a nurse, we need a lot of things.

Tea - Two sugars please!

Scrubs and gloves - they have to be Non-Latex please!


Tea, Scrubs &

non-Latex Gloves

PORMA is the official merchandise brand of Filipino UK Nurses & managed by James Court Creative Solutions.

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