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A Love Story Beyond Labels and Boundaries

Meet Jerome and Billy –for the second part of our Valentine duo defying the love rulebook with a splash of quirkiness. Their connection started on Tinder in New Zealand and sparks flew at a local café sharing a delightful breakfast and a charming visit to the park. "Billy noted my kindness and nurturing nature, while I couldn't help but see him as an incredibly lovable person," shared Jerome. And from there, their connection blossomed, unfazed by societal labels. But, plot twist: life threw them into a long-distance storyline.

Miles Apart: Despite miles between them, their love story unfolded through constant communications through apps that bridged the gap. Billy shared that navigating a long-distance relationship in separate countries was challenging when they started dating. "Despite the distance, we made it work with regular visits and staying connected through apps. Our commitment to open communication and quality time strengthened our bond, overcoming geographical barriers," said Billy.

Favourite Memories Together: Our first overseas holiday to Vietnam holds countless fun memories – from beach days to trying different foods and exploring beautiful sites together.

Conflict Resolution: We pride ourselves on being equally forgiving. No grudges here. Conflict resolution is a priority; we resolve issues before bedtime, adhering to the philosophy of never going to bed angry.

Personalities. "Jerome is a bit of an attention-seeker, but in a good way! His vibrant, outgoing personality naturally captivates attention and creates lively connections with everyone around him. I believe in being the first to apologize, even for petty quarrels. It fosters a loving and understanding atmosphere, prioritizing our connection and maintaining positivity between Jerome and me," Billy stated.

Valentine's Tradition: Exchanging cards is our favorite Valentine's Day tradition. While we also enjoy park visits and cooking together, the heartfelt messages in the cards add a special touch to our celebrations.

LGBTQ+ Support: As an LGBT couple, we commit to unwavering support. Our promise not to visit non-LGBTQ+ friendly countries stands as a gesture of solidarity, refusing to support places that discriminate against our community.

Evolution of Love: In our same-sex relationship, love evolves uniquely through shared experiences and mutual understanding, breaking societal norms and fostering resilience. Our expressions of love transcend expectations, defining a unique and deeply meaningful connection.

Support: As an LGBT couple, we've got each other's backs through thick and thin. We keep it real by talking openly and being there for one another. When things get tough, we're all about listening, understanding, and lifting each other. Our shared experiences bring us even closer, and we make sure to celebrate each other's strengths. No matter what life throws at us, we face it together, supporting and loving each other just as we are.

Advice to LGBTQ+ Couples: Embrace authenticity; don't succumb to external pressures. Enjoy the dating journey without rushing into partnerships or parenthood. Be open to love, but avoid pressuring yourself with predefined timelines. The right person will come into your life at the right time. Before diving into love, invest time in finding and loving yourself – it creates a confident, authentic foundation for healthy relationships.

The challenges of a long-distance relationship become the crucible in which their love is tested, yet their commitment remains unyielding. Through handwritten letters, late-night video calls, and the shared dreams that bridge the miles, they prove that love knows no geographical boundaries.

In this tale of love beyond labels, Jerome and Billy's story becomes a beacon for those seeking a narrative that challenges stereotypes and celebrates the universal truth that love, in all its forms, is a force that transcends societal constraints. Through the highs and lows, their enduring bond stands as a testament to the resilience of love when it blooms unrestricted and unapologetically.


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