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Featured Poem: Invisible Women

By Romalyn Ante

**This is one of the poems featured in Romalyn's newest book "Antiemetic for Homesickness".

About the Author:

Romalyn Ante was born in 1989 in Lipa Batangas, Philippines. She was sixteen years old when her mother- a nurse in the NHS brought the family to the UK. She is the winner of the Poetry London Clore Prize 2018, a joint winner of the Manchester Poetry Prize 2017 and the recipient of the Platinum Poetry in Creative Future Literary Awards 2017. She currently lives in Wolverhampton where she works as a registered nurse and psychotherapist.

Her book "Antiemetic for Homesickness" is now available. This is a book that attempts to shed light on the community and the culture that I love. It is about pain and healing, and asks the readers different questions whilst showing the literal and metaphorical price Filipinos and other migrant workers pay in order to provide a "better life" to their loved ones, whilst serving the British public.

You can order by clicking link here.

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