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How to bring your dependents in the UK?

   Living far from your loved ones is a real struggle. It is always a comforting feeling if you know you have someone to rely on and someone to share your ups and downs in this foreign world. It's a good thing that UK sees the importance of family and allows Tier 2 and Tier 4 visa holders to bring their dependents in the UK as long as they apply and meet the guidelines set by the UK government.

Application process is relatively easy. You need to get on to your computer and visit the website 2. This site will give you the idea if you are eligible to apply or not . It will also help you connect to the other links that will provide the step-by-step process of your dependent spouse visa application. Watch video below too for more guidance!

Once you get your application sorted and booked your flight to join your loved ones, remember that things may or may not always fall into the way you have planned it. Nevertheless, you now have each other to share the experience of living away from home , whether to share the laughter or overcome hurdles that will make your relationship grew stronger.

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