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I AM a UK Nurse- What are my CAREER OPTIONS?

Nursing is one of the most in-demand professions in the UK. As a UK Registered Nurse, you have a number of options available -- depending on your passion, drive and interest, you can choose to be specialist nurse, a nurse researcher or even a professor. There are also different industry sectors you can choose and go to, each offering unique benefits and challenges.

Here are few of the sectors you can consider as you build your career as a UK Nurse. We have interviewed a number of Filipino UK nurses working in various sectors and asked about their views on their jobs, the package, benefits and the challenges of working at their respective sectors.

1. Working in the NHS

Meet Mariel, a Theatre Nurse working in the NHS for 10 years. In this video, she will share with you the pros and cons of working for one of the biggest employers in the country. She will also discuss in detail the salary and benefits of a NHS Band 5 nurse.

2. Working in a Private sector

Meet Erik Von, an ITU Nurse working in a private hospital. He started his UK career in the public sector or NHS but now moved to the private sector. In his video, Erik will discuss the difference of working in a private sector vs working in the NHS.

3. Working in the Care Home

Meet Glenn, a deputy Manager in a care home in the UK. In his video, he will give you an overview of what a Care Home nurse does and give you an insight as to why a career in a care home is worth considering.

4. Working as an Agency/Locum Nurse

Meet Phillip, a Theatre Nurse who is now doing agency/locum work. In his video, he will explain to you what an agency/locum nurse is. He will also share the advantages and disadvantages/challenges of working as a locum/agency nurse.

5. Working in the Insurance Sector

Meet George, a Nurse Examiner for one of top insurance companies in the UK. In his video, he will tell his story, his role as a nurse in a non-traditional sector and the perks of working in this field.

These are just few of the sectors you can work as a Nurse. The are lots of opportunities out there-- You just need to find it! Once you find it, love it and enjoy it!

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