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Top 5 Popular Dishes in the UK

There are so many British dishes known in the world but here are five of the most popular British dishes you should experience if you are visiting or new in the UK!

1. English Breakfast

This is the traditional English breakfast. This is so popular that most restaurants & pubs would always have this in their menu.

It would usually consist of beans, tomatoes, mushroom, eggs, sausage (also known as “bangers”), bacon, hash brown and a toast. Other restaurants or household would also serve it with Hash brown, haggis or black pudding.

2. Fish & Chips

It is common for you to find a fish and chip take-away shop in any part of the UK. As its name says, this is fried battered fish (usually cod or haddock) & chips (known as fries in the Philippines). This is accompanied with salt and vinegar or some people would prefer to have it with curry or tartar sauce.

3. Afternoon Tea

British people love tea! In most restaurants, pubs or tea rooms, they offer cream teas OR afternoon tea. What is the difference?

Afternoon tea is made up of three courses of food & a pot of tea—that would include savoury sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and sweet pastries. Cream tea is simply a pot of English tea and scones. 

4. Sunday Roast

It is a tradition for most British families to gather on a Sunday and have a roast dinner. (Dinner may also be referred as lunch for some British people).  It would consist of roasted meat accompanied by roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables, gravy and apple or cranberry sauce.

5. Curry

Curries are also very popular in the UK particularly Indian curries. We have a number of Indian curry dish variations- most are modified to suit the British palate.  Few of these dishes are chicken tikka masala, chicken jalfrezi and lamb roghan josh.

Curries are well-embedded in the British culture that it is common for you to find an Indian/Bengali restaurant in every town.  Some of these restaurants also have “banquet nights” where they offer 3-5 course dish for a very affordable price. If you visit, find & try these banquet nights- they are good value for your money!

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