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The Silent Fears of Filipino Nurses: What Haunts us in our Profession

We, Filipino nurses, known for our unwavering dedication and exceptional care in the healthcare sector globally, bear a silent weight of fears that shadows their profession. These fears, often unspoken, linger in our minds as Filipino nurses especially as we navigate our roles within the healthcare landscape.

While each nurse's experience may differ, several common fears persist among them, shaping their professional journey and influencing their daily decisions.

1. Inadequate Staffing and Work Overload

One prevailing fear among Filipino nurses is the spectre of understaffing and overwhelming workloads. The demand for their expertise often leads to staffing shortages, forcing them to work long hours, handle multiple patients simultaneously, and grapple with exhausting shifts. This fear not only compromises the quality of care but also takes a toll on their mental and physical well-being.

2. Patient Safety Concerns

The fear of making errors that could jeopardize patient safety weighs heavily on the minds of Filipino nurses. The pressure to provide meticulous care, combined with the complexity of medical procedures and treatments, creates a persistent anxiety about inadvertently making mistakes that could harm the patients under their care.

3. Lack of Resources and Support

Limited resources and support within healthcare institutions add to the concerns of Filipino nurses. Insufficient medical supplies, outdated equipment, and inadequate training opportunities are daunting challenges that hinder their ability to deliver optimal care, amplifying their worries about being unable to provide the best possible treatment for their patients.

4. Emotional Toll and Burnout

The emotional toll of nursing, particularly in high-stress environments, contributes to the fear of burnout. Constant exposure to pain, suffering, and critical situations can lead to emotional exhaustion, impacting their mental health and passion for the profession. The fear of burnout lingers as nurses struggle to find a balance between providing compassionate care and maintaining their own well-being.

5. Discrimination and Challenges Abroad

For Filipino nurses working abroad, the fear of discrimination and cultural challenges in foreign healthcare systems is a genuine concern. Adjusting to different work environments, language barriers, and potential biases poses an additional layer of stress, impacting their professional confidence and well-being.

While these fears persist, we, Filipino nurses continue to persevere, driven by our commitment to serve and care for others.

Although we have shown great resilience and have bravely faced our fears, we still hope for systemic changes within healthcare structures, including improved staffing ratios, enhanced support systems, better resources, and mental health provisions to mitigate these fears.

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