Do you feel SAD? Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Last week marked my 4th year of being here in the UK! Time just flew so quickly. I still remember arriving from the London Heathrow airport with my batch mates. All of us were so excited for our new life. The first thing that welcomed us was the gush of wind! It was freezing cold! It was a frigid November morning. I did not expect to see the sky was so grey. Days were short and nights were long. During my first few months, I had so many things on my mind and i was very busy— my new accommodation, OSCE, my family.

But as time pass by and I was now working regularly, I started to feel down and was missing home. I felt everyday was bed weather, I go to work when it's still dark in the morning and when I go home, it's like time stood still as darkness is still all I see! My bed became my solace and even after having too much sleep, I still felt drained during the day. During my days off, I had no energy to socialise and would rather be sleeping or binging on K-drama series whilst eating rice meals, followed by crisps (aka chips) and ice cream. I felt I was homesick. After a consultation with my GP she suggested that I may also have SAD. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Literally, I was sad.