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How To Help Our Families and Still Plan for Our Future

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Filipino nurses abroad are like unsung heroes, spreading warmth, comfort, and compassion, thousands of miles away from their homeland. They embody the essence of love and sacrifice, working tirelessly to support their families back home while offering exemplary care to those in need. While their endeavors are commendable, it's crucial for these nurses to maintain a balance between supporting their loved ones and ensuring their well-being. This post aims to instill hope in the hearts of dependents and provide encouragement to our Filipino nurses, allowing them to feel fulfilled, valued, and harmonious in their pursuits.

1. Maintaining Open Communication

Frequent and open communication is key to maintaining strong family bonds. Discussing financial plans, sharing experiences, and expressing feelings can alleviate misunderstandings and create a supportive environment. By establishing trust and transparency, families and nurses can work together to create sustainable plans and share the burden equally, avoiding unnecessary pressure on any individual.

For those in the Philippines, it’s crucial to understand that the remittances sent by OFWs are fruits of immense hard work, dedication, and sometimes, struggle. The lives led by nurses abroad are not always easy; they battle long working hours, navigate through workplace politics and homesickness and often cope with the emotional toll of nursing, all while being away from their loved ones.

2. Setting Realistic Expectations

Families should have realistic expectations, and nurses should communicate their limitations openly. By doing so, nurses can avoid overcommitting and feeling burnt out, and families can better understand the sacrifices being made on their behalf. It’s important to remember that while financial support is vital, emotional support and understanding are equally important to maintaining healthy relationships.

Open communication and mutual respect are the cornerstones of maintaining strong and healthy relationships between OFWs and their families. It's important to appreciate the sacrifices made by Filipino nurses abroad and to reciprocate with understanding, love, and support, creating a nurturing environment for both parties.

3. Financial Planning and Budgeting

Creating a comprehensive and realistic budget can help in allocating funds appropriately. Filipino nurses should prioritize their needs and allocate funds to their families accordingly. Regular financial planning sessions and open dialogue about expenses can help maintain harmony and avoid any undue stress. It is also paramount that the receiving end should also create a budget for themselves with the money that you send.

4. Investing in Self-Care

For Filipino nurses, taking time to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate is crucial. Embracing hobbies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and spending quality time with friends can help reduce stress and avoid burnout. When nurses prioritize self-care, they can offer better support to their families and provide better care to their patients.

It is vital for both their mental and physical well-being. When they choose to spend on vacations or other forms of self-care, it's not an act of selfishness. They've earned it through their perseverance and hard work. It's important for families to support their decisions to spend on self-care without guilt, reinforcing the idea that taking care of oneself is essential to caring for others.

5. Building Financial Awareness and Encouraging Financial Independence

Families in the Philippines should remember that the money sent by OFWs is hard-earned. It is pivotal to utilize these funds wisely, respecting the sacrifices made by their loved ones abroad. Establishing open dialogues about financial planning and budgeting can help in creating a balanced and sustainable financial ecosystem within the family. Create a plan with your family that you will be working as a team. Whilst you are the sole earner, you will help them and they can do the same once they have found a livelihood and earn money.

Encouraging family members to pursue financial independence can be empowering. Providing support for education and skill development can help dependents, and siblings find stable jobs and contribute to the household income, reducing the financial burden on the nurses.

6. Exploring Additional Income Streams

Filipino nurses can explore opportunities to generate additional income, such as part-time jobs, side hustles, or investments, without compromising their health and well-being. This additional income can be a safety net, providing extra support during unforeseen circumstances.

The tireless efforts and sacrifices of Filipino nurses abroad are a testament to their love and commitment to their families. It's important for families in the Philippines to acknowledge the challenges faced by their loved ones and support them in their journey, including their pursuit of self-care and well-being. By fostering an environment of open communication, mutual respect, and understanding, we can ensure a harmonious and loving relationship between Filipino nurses and their families, bridging distances with love and compassion. In this way, we can give back to the sacrifices that our families have given us to pursue our nursing career and at the same time plan for a brighter future for ourselves.


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