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Promoted to Band 6 in Three Months: a Filipino UK Nurse Story

When I thought I had no chance to pursue my dream of working abroad as a nurse because of my health, it was reciprocated ten folds. I passed the OSCE to become a Band 5 in the United Kingdom, which was an arduous journey. I thought I had the ultimate blessing, but an opportunity came knocking on my door. I became a Band 6 Clinical Educator three months after getting my NMC pin.

My name is Paul Jared, and I work as an educator for international nurses in one of the NHS Trusts in the UK. I want to share my story to inspire nurses worldwide that it's never too late to push yourself to achieve your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

I've been a nurse for almost 15 years. My journey started as a theatre nurse. Whilst I have learned a lot in this role, I pursued further studies hoping to advance my career as a nurse. I acquired a Master's Degree in Nursing, became a clinical nurse educator, and finally worked as a Nurse Coordinator in a US-based corporate healthcare company. I would say that I'm a nurse who truly loves the profession and believes in our significant role not only in healthcare but in the lives of those we


My sister, who works as a nurse in Canada, inspired me to pursue my nursing career. Hearing her stories and seeing her life as a nurse abroad, I also wanted to explore the world, learn about different cultures, and practice my profession overseas. However, in 2014, when I was

about to embark on this dream, I discovered that I had a health condition that would hinder me from fulfilling it. It was heartbreaking.

My parents have worked hard to give us the best education and be successful in our chosen fields, yet I was on the brink of failing them. Instead of being disheartened, I used it to move forward. I did not let my condition be a crutch and prevent me from achieving great things and living the life I wanted. My health eventually got better, and I have gracefully survived the challenges along the way.

To continue to work is already a blessing, but being given another chance to fulfil a dream is a plus. I finally got the opportunity to work as a nurse in the UK. My UK journey started in October 2021 as a Theatre Nurse at Solihull Hospital under the University Hospital of Birmingham. Then an opportunity for a Clinical Educator for International Nurses arose, so I readily took it. I applied, took all the necessary assessments and interviews, and was appointed from a Band 5 to a Band 6 clinical educator within three months.

As I fulfilled this role, I thought I was living the life that fuels my passion for being an educator - sharing my knowledge, growing in the profession I love, and developing fellow nurses. Little did I know that my journey had a significant personal and historical impact on International Nurses in the UK.

I'm grateful for my Trust for the great opportunities it has opened for us - the fair recruitment and selection process, commitment to recognising the skills, knowledge, and years of nursing experience and enriching the capability of those in the nursing profession. Although the process was gruelling and the competition was steep, I was able to get the job. With confidence, I can say so can anyone who puts their mind to it and works hard to achieve it.

As the leaders of my Trust recognise my contribution and influence to internationally trained nurses in the UK, they invited me to share my story in a convention spearheaded by the Workforce Race Equality Standard. At this moment, I was hoping to inspire everyone not to give up on their dreams. Amidst the dark times in my career, I could finally see the light.

We all have our stories to share, success, failure, and everything in between. Some are filled with happiness, others with a hint of sadness, yet we can learn from each experience. There may be difficulties, and we sometimes question what we're truly capable of achieving. I encourage you never to get tired of chasing your dreams, accomplishing great things, and strengthening your faith. Start believing in what you can do and be your own cheerleader whilst celebrating the success of others as well.

Embrace your uniqueness and your life experiences. As one of my mentors told me, "Academics and knowledge are great ways to attain and aspire towards; however, wisdom will serve you better because we can only gain that through life experiences by embracing the good and bad". By truly knowing who we are, we can relate to people because we're all the same in that sense.

So every time you feel discouraged or doubt yourself, reflect on what you have been through and endured. Be proud of your accomplishments because you never gave up and kept pushing forward. Never cease to prepare for the things we pray for because sometimes the delay is our preparation.

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