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Guide for New Nurses & Migrant nurses moving to the UK

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

You are finally in the UK. What's next for you?

If you are new or have been in the UK for 3 years or less, then this is for you. Our Ultimate Guide for Filipino Nurses in the UK. Find below our collection of articles that would guide you as you continue your journey as a UK Nurse.

First things first!

If you have just arrived, Welcome to the UK. You may feel overwhelmed with your new environment. There are a ton of things you need know but you don’t know where to start. Read this article for some tips on how to survive your first few weeks here in the UK.

It’s all about the money, money, money!

Do you work in the NHS? Have you received your payslip already? Do you understand what the details in your payslip are? If you feel unsure or confused with the terms used, don’t worry! You are not alone. That’s why we created an article where we discuss its details.

However please note that the example used is for a NHS Band 5 pay slip. If you are working in a care home or will be starting on a different band, not all may apply but you can still use this as a guide.

Where should I put my money? Now that you are earning, the big question is where should you put your hard earned money? This seems to be a very easy question to answer but surprisingly, it isn’t. Some of us are stuck in our old bad money habits or simply clueless on what to do with our precious income. Angela from Nova Money has shared where we can best put our money into.

Being in a sponsored visa means you have limitations when it comes to exploring new opportunities. But do you know there are ways to make more money without being in trouble?

Are you also planning to bring your family with you? Having experienced the first few months or years in the UK, perhaps it’s a good time for you to bring them. But before bringing your family, know first the costs associated with bringing them and helping them settle- that way you can properly plan how you would go about it.

Learn from others' experience!

Moving to a new country can mean learning how to become an adult. Here in the community, we share our stories so that our fellow nurses can learn from these experiences and hopefully help them improve their lives in the UK.

It’s ok not to be ok!

First time abroad? Does the dark and cold weather affect you? Homesickness can add and bring about SAD (Sad Affective disorder). If you feel SAD, especially during winter times then read this article.

As nurses we are duty bound to provide care for our patients. Our work can be gruelling and exhausting at times, and these may lead to burnout or mental health issues. Why not try to sit back, recollect yourself and practice some self care.

It’s Revalidation time!

Do you know that as UK Nurses, we have the responsibility to do our revalidation every 3 years so as not to lose our license as a nurse? Read our step by step guide on how to prepare for your NMC Revalidation.

Being a UK Nurse is a big achievement! You should be proud of yourself. But your dream should not stop here-- you have a long way to go and other dreams that you can achieve. This guide would hopefully help you not only to survive your new world but help you settle and thrive in your chosen career.

Want to know more? Join us in our Top Tips for New Filipino UK Nurses and Carers. Click link to register.

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