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Romalyn Ante, a Filipina Nurse in the UK: Achievers in their Careers and Passion

Filipino Nurses are world class nurses and we excel in the health care profession. With our busy & demanding work as nurses, can we still have time for their other passions outside work?

We are featuring three outstanding Filipina Nurses - Cielo, Rhoda and Romalyn. They are achievers in their careers as a nurse. Their daily work schedule might be hectic they still found success in their passion outside work- from the field of poetry, sports and vlogging.

Meet Romalyn Ante, a specialist nurse practitioner, a psychotherapist and an award winning poet.

She was born & raised in Batangas, Philippines and moved here to the UK during her teenage years. She is the first East-Asian to win the Poetry London Prize(2018) as well as the Manchester Poetry Prize (2017). Her debut pamphlet, Rice & Rain (V. Press), received the 2018 Saboteur Award for Best Poetry Pamphlet.

We asked Romalyn about her career & her passion in writing, how she balances her busy schedule and her drivers for success. Hope her story would inspire you to reach for your dreams, whether it is in your nursing career or in your other passion or even in both fields!

Can you tell us about yourself?

I grew up in the Philippines until I migrated to the UK when I was 16 years old. I am co-founding editor of harana poetry. My debut collection is Antiemetic for Homesickness (Chatto & Windus). Apart from being a writer, I also work as a specialist nurse practitioner.

Can you tell us about your passion on poetry? How did this come about?

I've always written something as a child, but I stared writing poetry in English around 8 years ago. In 2017, I worked on my debut collection, Antiemetic for Homesickness. Most of my poems are stories of my every day life-- from my life as a nurse, a daughter of a hardworking mother who like most us, is also an OFW and a Filipina who is proud of its heritage and culture.

Can you consider yourself as successful? What’s your definition of success?

Success is very subjective, for me, it is multi-layered. One can be successful on her career and unhappy with personal life, or vice versa. I think with me, I am on my journey to knowing myself better not only as a writer but also as a person. Perhaps, that is synonymous to growth which will hopefully lead to success, whatever it is.

How do you manage your busy life—work and your other passion?

I work full time and write in the weekends. Sometimes I'd write for 5 minutes, sometimes, for two hours. But if I have a project, I plan it beforehand to ensure my goal is realistic and I will achieve it.

Who are your inspiration?

As a nurse, I am inspired by my colleagues who do continue to professionally develop through trainings and further studies.

In writing, I am inspired by people who manage to write despite having other jobs. I am also blessed to have a good circle of mentors and supporters. These people have believed in my talent, encouraged and helped me along the way.

My family has always been my inspiration. My mother showed me what real strength is. She taught me the value of believing in life, especially if it takes us to difficult places. My father has taught me best in silence, a chess board between us. My grandparents, aunties and uncles also played a big part of my success. My grandparents showed me the value of sharing-- that in order to preserve a memory, we must be willing to share it.

To my fellow Filipino nurses, Thank you for your hardwork and grit, from leaving our homeland to carrying the pain of your patients. I hope that by writing Antiemetic for Homesickness, I can shed light on the courage and dignity of migrant nurses and our community.

To our Readers, let's show our support to Roma and support her book! You can buy her book by ordering online- Click here.

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Mark Smith
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