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Rhoda Mina, a Filipina Nurse in the UK: Achievers In their Careers and Passion

Filipino Nurses are world class nurses and we excel in the health care profession. With our busy & demanding work as nurses, can we still have time for their other passions outside work?

We are featuring three Filipina Nurses - Cielo, Rhoda and Romalyn. They are achievers in their careers as a nurse. Their daily work schedule might be hectic they still found success in their passion outside work- from the field of poetry, sports and social media. Filipina Power!

Meet Rhoda, a Care Home Manager & a Content Creator and You Tube Play button awardee.

Rhoda Mina is a Registered Manager of a care home in Nottinghamshire. She has been in the care sector for 19 years and has worked her way from the ground up. Aside from being a Care home manager, Rhoda is a mother of two and a YouTube sensation. Popularly known as “Aling Oday” in YouTube, her recipes have garnered up to millions of views. Her recipe for the Filipino delicacy Humba, a sweet pork stew, have reached 4.5 million views and counting! For her success in YouTube she has been awarded the Silver plaque as she has over 180K subscribers. From home cooking inspired by her family, Aling Oday has reached hundreds and thousands of people whilst not missing a beat in her own nursing career.

We asked Rhoda about her career & passion, how she balances her busy schedule and her drivers for success. Hope her story would inspire you to reach for your dreams, whether it is in your nursing career or in your other passion or even in both fields!


Success is the product of perseverance, courage and prayer. My journey as a nurse was not always easy. I experienced so many challenges. I remember one of my previous employers and I did not see eye to eye and we can’t reconcile our differences. This has greatly affected me and my work output. But these challenges did not faze me- every time, I fall, I had to pick myself up and rise above the challenge. I simply never gave up.

My You Tube journey was not easy too- I had to persevere and continuously create content. Although I have a passion in cooking, the prep work takes a lot of time. I had to do most by myself- from preparation, research, content creation to editing. I even experienced being banned from sharing my content in YouTube when I was still starting. Back then the rules weren’t so clear to me and there was no one to ask about social media and so apparently, I was not following the official guidelines. Ooops! So I was really surprised but also very apologetic about it. Good thing that I was able to come back in a few weeks recording and cooking again all my favourite meals for my loyal followers.

After 2 years, I had the big break and sponsors started to notice my work. With their help, I was able to promote my brand further and started to have a good following and engagement. After years of persevering, finally, I was given the YouTube Silver play button. It was a big milestone for me & a proof that hard work really pays off.


My dad and my mom are my inspiration. My dad has been my role model, especially when it comes to work. I remember every time I visited him in his office, I was amazed and inspired on how he worked hard & how he led & treated his employees with respect. He was well thought of by the people in his company. He had strong values and work ethics.

I remember him saying “Masilaw na kayo sa lahat ng bagay, huwag lang sa pera.” (Translation: You can be tempted by many shiny things, but do not be tempted by money) These are his words and I strive to be like him- a person of integrity & purpose, especially at work.

My dad has also been my inspiration & my teacher when it comes to cooking. He was an exceptionally good cook- he made the best kaldereta ( Filipino Spicy Beef Stew in Tomato Sauce) and morcon (Filipino Meat Loaf). I remember, even as an adult, I would call him to ask how he cooks this wonderful Filipino dishes. Safe to say that my flair for cooking was a trait I inherited from him as I try recreating his signature recipes. Perhaps where I got my determination, leadership traits and passion for cooking-- it has always been from my dad.

My mom, on the other hand, has instilled lessons of Christianity & life of prayer in me. She always reminded me how important it is to live a life with Christ. She was devout and kind and so as I learned this from her, I now try to impart this to my children too.


I focus and set myself some limitations. When I am at work, my mind is fully focused at it. After work, I make a conscious effort not to think & worry about work and focus on my personal life. My days off are sacred for me as this is my time for my family & friends. And, of course my time to create my You Tube episodes.

I do all prep work and video shoot every Friday evening and weekends. I try to do all 3-4 episodes in one day. This also means that I would cook 3-4 dishes in a day. That is a lot for a day- a lot of work and a lot to cook & eat too! And so sometimes I do need the help of my very qualified taste testers—my friends and family!


Go for your dreams and never give up. If your dream is to work here in the UK, go for it. There are a lot of good opportunities here. Do not be afraid to try out new things and find your passion then pursue it.

Lastly, remember Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me


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