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We Thrive More Than Just Survive the UK Life, it's Filipino Thrive

by Jimmy Wong

Have you heard about Filipino Thrive? This is your ultimate hub for connection, empowerment, and community building! At Filipino Thrive, it's all about bringing Filipinos together to grow, succeed, and support each other. Whether you're looking to connect with fellow Filipinos, discover new businesses, or engage with your local community, this is certainly the right place for you. Let us know more about Filipino Thrive – where Filipinos come to connect, grow, and thrive! Join us as we embark on a journey of connection, collaboration, and thriving together as Sir Jimmy Wong, the founder and CEO of Filipino Thrive talks about this resource platform sensation.

What inspired you to create this online community and business platform?

"First of all, just want to share why we call it Filipino Thrive. It’s because we believe that we should aim not just to survive but to thrive here in the UK. Given my background and experience as an ex-nurse, entrepreneur, business coach, and in personal development, this is something that I am very passionate about. To thrive means to keep progressing, improving, and moving forward to reach our goals and dreams.

With the growing number of Filipinos living in the UK, I saw a lack of a central platform or hub where Filipinos can find useful information and organized resources. I believe this will contribute to making Filipino communities in the UK more connected as well as supporting small business owners.

Can you describe the main features and functions of your platform?

Sure! The first main feature is an online directory, where small businesses, service professionals, artists, and organizations can register and list. This will help them improve their online presence as well as easier to find our kababayan online. Secondly, we have the most updated calendar of Filipino events where you can find upcoming events you want to attend. We also organize events both live and online such as free webinars with resource speakers who are experts in our chosen topic (ex. mortgage, UK law, counselor, personal finance, etc.).

We also believe live events are one of the most important activities we can do to keep connected and have fun. Thirdly, we also have blog articles that contain helpful information covering topics for Filipinos. Lastly, we are very active on social media sharing useful, inspiring, and relevant information for our kababayan here in the UK.

How can the users and members benefit from this platform?

Filipino Thrive can be very useful in different ways. General users can find information about Filipino businesses based on location and industry, upcoming events, and articles. For small business owners, this is a great platform to promote their products and services, especially the premium listings. For organizations, it can also act as a mini-website where they can have their organizational info easily accessible and searchable for Filipinos online and it’s free for them.

What sets your platform apart from other similar online communities or business platforms?

There are also other platforms available for Filipinos which is great but I think what sets Filipino Thrive apart is that it stands as a dynamic and empowering community and business resource platform, passionately dedicated to nurturing the success of Filipinos in the vibrant landscape of the United Kingdom. Our multifaceted approach is meticulously designed to create a thriving ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering growth and collaboration.

In essence, Filipino Thrive isn't just a platform; it's a movement, a catalyst for Filipino excellence in the UK community landscape. As we continue to evolve and expand, our unwavering commitment remains: to empower, connect, and celebrate the thriving Filipino community.

How do you keep your community engaged?

We do this through sharing relevant and useful information through our online platforms, as well as organising events both online and in-person. We also partner and collaborate with businesses for these events.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from users who have benefited from your platform?

We have many but I can share three stories. First is a Filipina who owns an online shop. She reached out to us asking if we could help her with her business. After a few months of helping her in promoting her business in our community and platform, she was overwhelmed by the number of orders she is getting now and even had to decline some orders as she couldn’t physically keep up with the demand.

Second is a lady who works in sales, she said that the directory helped her a lot in finding easily the right contacts among the Filipino community organisers in the UK.

Lastly, a nurse who was so thankful after attending a Free Mortgage Webinar that we conducted. She said she really learned a lot about buying a house in UK as they are planning to get one in 2-3 years. The webinar allowed her to plan properly and prepare the right requirements. We also got her connected to our Filipino mortgage adviser to help her with specific needs.

To conclude it all, Filipino Thrive is like our town plaza, where neighbours meet, stories are shared, and dreams take flight. It's the heartbeat of our community, pulsating with connections and possibilities. Here, we stand tall together, lifting each other and celebrating our unique strengths. Filipino Thrive is our compass, guiding us toward a brighter tomorrow, united in purpose and passion. In this digital realm, we find home, belonging, and the power to shape our collective destiny. Together, we rise, fueled by the spirit of Bayanihan, transforming dreams into reality, one connection at a time.


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