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Filipino UK Nurses

Guide for Filipino nurses working & living in the United Kingdom. Find jobs, events and resources curated for overseas nurses.

What We Offer



Find nursing career opportunities across various sectors



Join the webinars and events made for new and experienced nurses and health workers



Get some practical tips on how to live and work in the UK






Find links that will
help you in your everyday life.

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Why Join Us


We have tools and resources to help you thrive in this environment guiding you through your journey to become a UK RN.

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We aim to build a online community of nurses where you'll feel this is your home away from home

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We want to connect the Filipino nurses in the UK & foster a group where each inspires and supports one another to achieve career and life goals

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Featured Events

In conversation with internationally educated nurses - 'The Journey of an IEN'

Join Royal College of Nursing (RCN) as they launch a series of short films detailing first-hand accounts from IENs on their experience of moving to the UK, having been educated overseas.

Throughout 2023, we have conducted several interviews, developed into short films with IENs to gain a deeper insight into their journey to, and life in the UK.

This is a FREE ONLINE event. 

News And Updates

Burns ICU Nurse

Meet Emelyn, one of the very few nurses working as a Burns ICU Nurse in the UK. Know how it is to work in this said specialised unit, from the day to day challenges, benefits and skills needed for this role.

A&E Nurse

I am Jan or Yan for most of my colleagues and friends. I am an Accident & Emergency Nurse working for one of the major trauma centres in London.

Anaesthetic Nurse

Perioperative nursing is so complex that every member of the team portrays a valuable role.

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Year End Celebration

Year End Celebration

As the year wraps up, alam natin na you've been taking care of everyone else. Now, it’s time to let loose, relax, and celebrate! 


Kasa & Kin, London

Here's what brewing:

Lasa ng Pinas: Sarap to the bones na handa!
OPM hits na siguradong makaka-relate ka!
Games and prizes galore! 
Picture-Picture: Wag kalimutan ang groufie!
Tawanan, kwentuhan, at mga sorpresang Pinoy style!


Handa na ba kayo? Tara na at mag-celebrate! This will be a F.UK.N (Filipino UK Nurses) GREAT night! 

Featured Videos

How much do I need to become a UK Nurse? The cost to become a UK Nurse from the Philippines.

Let me tell you how much money do you need to process to become a UK Nurse from the Philippines (overseas)?

Filipina UK Muslim Nurse living in the UK. Difference of London and Countryside

Let me tell you how much money do you need to process to become a UK Nurse from the Philippines (overseas)?

INTERVIEW TIPS from the INTERVIEWER. For international trained nurses applying for the NHS

Let me tell you how much money do you need to process to become a UK Nurse from the Philippines (overseas)?

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